What We Do

  • Working towards transformative immigration reform. We strive to protect the rights of immigrants and refugees, serve as watchdog for bad policy, and work to influence state-wide policy. Ultimately, we hope to move beyond defensive advocacy to advance proactive solutions that improve the quality of life of immigrants and refugees in our communities.


  • Convening a shared table. Cultivating a more inclusive, safe, and welcoming Missouri necessitates a large, diverse, and influential set of stakeholders be engaged in the work. MIRA seeks to bring together community, labor, faith, business, direct service organizations, and others to address the barriers to full participation for immigrants and refugees.


  • Improving the Safety Net. Inclusive state-wide policy for immigrants and refugees cannot come soon enough, and while we’re working to achieve it, we must also support and reinforce the safety net which serves foreign-born families. We do this work by hosting and supporting the work of the Immigrant Services Providers Network (ISPN).


  • Cultivating Compassion. Through our advocacy and mobilizing efforts we hope to inform and educate the public about the issues facing immigrants and refugees. By helping our foreign-born neighbors and friends share their stories and amplify their voices we can move our community to greater empathy and action.