Senate Bill 589

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Bill is has been prefiled

INTRODUCED BY SENATOR ERIC BURLINSON (R): SB589 Expands the scope of already existing anti-sanctuary legislative resulting in defunding municipalities

Although MO already has anti-sanctuary laws on the books, this bill would expand what is considered a sanctuary policy in terms of law enforcement. This bill states that it would be considered a sanctuary policy if conditions were placed upon law enforcement restricting their cooperation with ICE. Specifically stating, "requiring ICE to obtain a warrant or demonstrate probable cause before taking any alien into custody or maintaining such custody or preventing local law enforcement from asking an individual their immigration status." Additionally, it expands on which bodies of government would be cut off from funding if they adopted any type of policy restricting ICE and local law enforcement's interaction. Bill is identical to SB64 (2019) and HB1908 (2018) 

SB589 will make immigrants feel unwelcome on Missouri

SB589 facilitates racial profiling 

SB589 will undermine the trust between local law enforcement and the communities they serve

SB589 will undermine the trust between local schools and the families they serve

SB589 withholding state funding (sourced from the federal grants) to cities and their depts. because they have sanctuary policies is unconstitutional

SB589 anti-sanctuary policies cost cities expenses that should be paid by the federal government 



More details coming soon. 

If you are involved in law enforcement or the business community, and would like to provide testimony if this bill enters the committee phase, please contact us ASAP at