2019 Conference Sessions

Friday November 15th 2019

Hasmik Chakaryan
00:00 / 54:44

Working with the Refugee & Immigrant Population: A Trauma-informed Approach — With ongoing armed conflict in various corners of the world and global economic crisis, a steady flow of refugees fleeing their war-torn homes have resettled in the US. Even after resettlement, many are constantly reminded of the unimaginable hardship and tragedy endured before fleeing and enter counseling with a multitude of issues.

Jessica Mayo & Kris Walentik
00:00 / 48:07

Immigration Law 101 — Who is a refugee? Who is an asylee? What effect do national policies have on immigrants? Learn about the basics of immigration law and get a legal perspective on the immigration conversation from two immigration attorneys.

Sarah Barekzai & Caldera Wimmer
00:00 / 48:45

Best Practices: Practical Strategies with Working with Foreign-Born Clients and Community Members — Are you a new service provider whose clients are immigrants, refugees, or their families? Learn some best practices from experienced service providers about working with foreign-born communities.

Christina Pope
00:00 / 42:13

Developing a Local Welcoming Agenda — Review some concrete examples of how local government & local leaders have led immigrant inclusion in their communities.The examples come from across the United States where local leaders have tested the strategies in their communities.

Christina Pope
00:00 / 42:13

Communicating about Immigration in Turbulent Times — Learn how to communicate clearly and compassionately about immigration in a polarized environment. As polarization becomes increasingly evident and the climate around immigration changes rapidly, leaders need to be equipped to address these challenges with poise, accuracy, and compassion. This presentation will provide an opportunity for leaders to learn how to use messages that build support for immigrants and help all residents feel supported and valued.

Marissa Cohen & Sam Stragrand
00:00 / 47:50

The Real Fears of Exercising Your Fair Housing Rights — The workshop provides a basic introduction Fair Housing and landlord-tenant relations and gives real-world examples of housing discrimination. With a specific focus on National Origin protections in the Fair housing Act.

Emily Stuart
00:00 / 52:18

Culturally Responsive Evaluation — CRE is a theoretical, conceptual and political position that centers culture in the theory and practice of evaluation. This presentation will review the history and strategies of CRE and explore a case study to inspire action.

Britt Zuniga
00:00 / 50:12

Ethics of Storytelling — Instinctively, everyone understands the power of storytelling. Whether they know it as a value or not, all humans connect through the power of story. As service providers we are told stories by people in vulnerable positions and knowing how to uplift stories without harming the storyteller can be challenging. This presentation will highlight a few challenges in story collection and best practices to avoid mishaps.

Narvaez Eissner Johnson
00:00 / 53:25

PANEL: Tenant Advocacy in Immigrant Communities — Immigrants face many challenges as tenants - from language barriers to not understanding what their rights are, as tenants in the U.S. Hear firsthand from someone who is working to protect a vulnerable sector here in St. Louis. 

Narvaez Paredes Fitzgerald
00:00 / 52:58

PANEL: Financial Integration Empowerment for the St. Louis Immigrant Community — This presentation will review as the value of immigrants understanding how the economy and finances are managed in this country, and how it is difficult different from others. Panelists will discuss strategies of how to inform immigrants about basic finances issues, how to improve their economic situation and teach their children for future generations. They will cover alternative strategies and approaches for working with immigrants who do not have access to traditional financial systems and products.

Saturday November 16th 2019

Celia Ruiz Calderon
00:00 / 49:33

Immigrant Art, Healing & Advocacy — Art, in all mediums, is a powerful tool that not only creates awareness but can also engage and empower communities to fight against immigration injustice. Hear Celia's story as an artist + activist.

Torrie Hester
00:00 / 45:46

Immigration History: U.S. Deportation — When did deportation become a thing in the U.S.? Learn about its origins and about the rise of 'crimmigration' - the intertwining of the immigration system with the nation's criminal justice system.  

Debra Cohen
00:00 / 50:39

Foreign, Mobile, and Largely without Rights: The Bracero Program and the Birth of the Neoliberal Labor Regime — The Bracero Program brought millions of Mexican guest workers to the U.S. between 1942-1964. With current debates on new guest worker programs, it's important to learn lessons from the past.  

Richard Middleton
00:00 / 56:02

Immigration Law 101 — U.S. Immigration Law can be complex and confusing! Come and learn some of the basic concepts in immigration law and how that impacts the current immigration climate.  

Ted Cohen
00:00 / 50:16

Racial Identity, Migration, and Afro-Mexico — Definitions of race and ethnicity vary from country to country and from person to person. When Latin Americans migrate to the U.S., they are often forced to adapt to U.S. racial and cultural worldviews even while they try to maintain cultural and linguistic ties to their country of birth. This presentation explores the interplay between racial identity and immigration.

Rubén Rosario Rodríguez
00:00 / 55:04

Biblical Perspectives on the Immigration & Refugee Crisis — What actually are the biblical teachings regarding immigration? Is Christian support of the current administration's approach immigration a contradiction of their faith? 

Ariela Schachter
00:00 / 50:38

Americans’ Stereotypes of Undocumented Immigrants — We may not realize it but Americans stereotype undocumented immigrants based on factors that have nothing to do with their status - find out what triggers 'social illegality'. 

Mary Ferguson
00:00 / 54:49

Connecting White Supremacy with Discourse & Policy on Immigration — What's new and what's old in US policy toward immigrants and refugees? The interface between race theories and legal decisions about rights has been part of US history from the beginning. This session examines how citizenship has been a proxy for whiteness for a long time. Explore connections between white supremacy and citizenship status and migration policies; take a look at the lens being used to shape current national debates and decisions.

Chang Eissner De La Garza
00:00 / 54:01

PANEL: Living in la frontera: Experiences in Shelter Care at the US/Mexico Border — What exactly is happening at the US/Mexico border? Do we have a human rights crisis on our hands? Hear recent experiences of humanitarian aid volunteers who spent time in Tucson, AZ; Laredo, TX; Nogales, AZ/MX; and Agua Prieta, MX. Learn about what you can do to get involved. 

A Social and Economic Profile of Immigrants and Immigrant Geographies

In Missouri - Ness Sandoval
 This presentation will focus on the latest demographic findings regarding the social and economic status of immigrants and immigrant geographies in Missouri.

Human Rights in the Immigration Context - Lauren E. Bartlett 

Learn how to use human rights language, tools, and human rights law, in the context of domestic violence, family separation, workers’ r­­ights, and housing discrimination.

Zegel Tapia Smith Cardenas
00:00 / 48:39

PANEL: Panel Discussion on the Immigrant Homebuyer’s Experience — National home ownership rates are rising among Latinx immigrant community. What can service providers in this community learn about experiences, challenges, and successes in our St. Louis market? Panelists will share their perspectives and answer your questions!