House Budget Bill 


The Missouri House budget bill HB3 has been referred to a Conference Committee. Members of that committee are attempting to remove language, that is currently in the bill, that allows MO Dreamers to receive in-state tuition - like all other MO residents!


We need you contact senators & representatives on this committee and let them know you support the language that exists in HB3, allowing DACA Recipients to receive an education and ultimately provide a positive impact on our state. ​


Senator Jamilah Nasheed, District 5, (D) Phone: (573) 751-4415 E-Mail: 


Senator Jason Holsman, District 7 (D) Phone: (573) 751-6607 E-Mail: 


Senator S. Kiki Curls, District 9 (D) Phone: (573) 751-3158 


Senator Dan Hegeman, District 12 (R) Phone: (573) 751-1415 E-Mail:


Senator Lincoln Hough, District 30 (R) Phone: (573) 751-1311

Senator Mike Cunningham, District 33 (R) Phone: (573) 751-1882 E-Mail:

Representative Rusty Black, District 7 (R) Phone: (573)751-2917 E-Mail:

Representative David Wood, District 58 (R) Phone: (573) 751-2077 E-Mail:


Representative Cody Smith, District 163 (R) Phone: (573) 751-5458 E-Mail:


“Hi, my name is __________ and I’m calling as a (MO Resident or a constituent of the legislator you're calling)


I’m calling to ask you to protect in-state tuition for students with DACA in House Bill 3. If DACA recipients are forced to pay tuition at triple the cost of in-state rates, despite meeting state residency requirements and graduating from local high schools, they will leave. This unnecessary threat to block educational attainment for immigrant youth will force students to seek opportunities out of state.


Our neighboring states of Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma already have “tuition equity” laws or policies that permit certain students who have attended and graduated from secondary schools in their state to pay the same tuition as their “in-state” classmates at their state’s public institutions of higher education, regardless of their immigration status. Over 75% of the nation’s foreign-born population live in states with tuition equity laws or policies.


The bottom line is that our economic future depends on educating all young people. Young immigrants are key to furthering growth in our economy. 5% of self-owned businesses are immigrant-owned and bring in $340,400,000 in annual revenue for our state. It is important to me that you stand up for the welcoming values of Missouri and protect access to higher education for the 3,500 youth with DACA who call Missouri home by preserving in-state tuition. Thank you.”